Dry January

31 January 16

Posted at 3:42


The term 'dry' can mean different things to different people. Whether it be work drying up or the more commonly coined phrase 'Dry January' in which people give up booze for a month in the hope it will forgive their sins after a undoubtedly heavy Christmas period. 


I, like the ever growing amount of people who choose to abstain from alcohol, did just that. December was busy for me, a bunch of shows, Christmas parties, endless Jager in the flat, a tour with Brawlers meant that I had a beer (or two, or three, or four....) every day for the entirity of December. Whilst I've never really had a problem with alcohol, alot like others around my age and working freelance or just within music, it is all too easy to just have a beer after a job or after work with your friends which then turns in a habit; a habit which you probably didn't intend. It was whilst having a beer with my Mum at Winter Wonderland that she jokingly, but with an ounce of seriousness in her voice said 'Why don't you do 'Dry January'. I laughed it off, I mean I tried it last year, then ended up going to Germany a couple of times for work and beer in Germany is just so good, so I failed. I tried doing it in May.. ended up going on tour with Brawlers. This, I believe will be my first full month without alcohol potentially since I turned 18, nearly 10 years. Thats a strange and scary prospect, to even consider that I haven't gone a full month in 10 years without a beer. The weird or maybe not so werid bit of it is, is that I haven't actually found it that hard to put a stop to it, I thought it would be a lot harder and bizarrely the only times I have actually fancied a beer is when I have been photographing shows, not when I have been in the pub, not when I have been sat with my flatmates drinking, but when I have been in the situation of taking photos at shows...


I, however chose to up the stakes and potentially make it harder for myself. I chose to give up coffee as well, I love coffee. I mean, I have a mug of coffee tattooed on my leg. But, I know it's not always great for me. January has been quite tough for work coming in. I've used the term 'Dry January' a lot more to people in regards to my work load this month, rather than in terms of the sauce. I'm nowhere near worried as I know thisis something that happens every year and I was just incredibly fortunate to have a busy January last year. However, I know putting coffee in to my body when I'm not working has a terrible affect on my brain and worry kicks in, it accelerates the potential bad thoughts and the doom, that might be the fact that one day I might not be able to pay rent (to my flat mates and Mum who are probably reading this. Everythings is fine and I can definitely pay rent).


Don't get me wrong I have had a couple of bits of work come through the door, including my first cover for Rock Sound, trips out of London and a couple of shows including new clients, it's also given me time to keep on top of updating my website. it's been an interesting month, I knew it was going to be quiet, which was the original reason for me hold back the drinking, save a bit of money etc. But now I have come to the end of it, I've definitely enjoyed it and whilst, I don't intend on fully giving up the sauce; the thought had actually passed my mind a few times. I will be cutting it down and making the effort to stay healthier. Coffee on the other hand, I havent actually missed it, not one bit and I've changed my morning routine accordingly, instead of getting out of bed in the morning and getting a coffee then returning to bed with said coffee, I've been getting up and going to the gym, nearly every morning and coming back for a peppermint tea and I'm sure you'll agree this is definitely healthier for both brain and body. 


What I will say, however is if you do believe you have a problem with alcohol, talk to somebody.


Tomorrow is February and theres some rad stuff coming.



Rock Sound - January 2016 // Issue 208

06 January 16

Posted at 4:49


Another year has passed and another month I have one of the lovely photos on the front to my name.

This time my pal Rou from Enter Shikari, which was exceptionally nice as one of my favourite jobs of the year meant that I got to spend 3 dys with the Shikari lot and it was a grand time. I think I touched on this on one of my blogs.... THIS ONE.

Anywho, here it is..



With it being the ultimate review it came with the biggest names of the year giving their account of the year. This happened to include both my photos of Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) and Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari)



Rou's photo just happened to be photographed in my pop up studio, in his front room... Where his cat obviously lives and after Freya had finished playing around under my photoroll and generally being a mischief we managed to get a photo of her not attacking everything...


Heres another photo of Freya getting amongst it, mostly in my Peli case...

Anyway, where was I going before I got distracted my a certian fluffy footed cat...

Oh, yeah. Ben Bruce. Here's a photo of Ben Bruce



Who didn't have a cat.. Well, not with him, he might have had one at home, I suppose?


Anyway, here's another photo of Freya..



ANNNNYWAYYYY, I got to photograph Twenty One Pilots being great again, this time in Oxford, first time I'd ever been there. I had a great burger. It was topped with chipotle pulled pork and Peking duck. Bleedin' special it was. Twenty One Pilots put on a show and a half, slightly scaled back production, due to the room being tiny. It'll definitely be the last time we see them in a room that small again.

Firstly, maybe my favourite image got used in the year by numbers..



and the rest were used in the live piece





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and that rounds up my Rock Sound issues 0f 2015.

2016 started with a bang for me so, if you havent seen yet. Head on over to my twitter and check out my pinned tweet.




Rock Sound - December 2015 // Issue 207

06 January 16

Posted at 4:22

Here we are again!

This time we are celebrating Pop-Punk..

I was lucky enough to shoot one of the singery people for the cover which was cool, shout out pals Thomas Falcone and Mark Forrer for also having a singery chap on there!



with acoordandce to the cover I also had a photo involved in the feature..



Which involved the lovely Derek jumping around my pop up studio in the upstairs of the venue, and during one particularily high high-kick bringing the whole studio backdrop falling down around us... It was funny, once I had grabbed my lights and knew they were going to be fine.

This month we had the lovely Young Guns up against The Firing Line, it was a lovely time and we had a game of scrabble, where no rude words whatsoever ended up on the board, definitely didn't... (I promise Officer)



And where would we be with a Pop-Punk special without Fall Out Boy? (wait... are Fall Out Boy Pop-Punk...? HELP!?)

Anyway, I photographed them live doing their thing at Wembley and it was a jolly good time. S/O Duffster @ Halestorm PR for making it such a breeze.


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Rock Sound - November 2015 // Issue 206

06 January 16

Posted at 3:36

A fairly quite month for me as I chose to go on holiday and miss semmingly all of the work (BOO), on the other side of it. I went to Barcelona with Harry Brawlers and had an absolutely lovely time. It was the first time I'd been on holiday in 6 years, maybe?



As you can see a lovely time was had.

We then went to see Cancer Bats and I did a crowd surf, which was a lovely lovely time. Then found a bar called Rock Sound..



So, anyway back to business. As if you're reading this you probably don't care about me getting drunk and crowd surfing around a tiny bar whilst watching Cancer Bats? or maybe you do. Let me know, because I can definitely talk about things like that more as it may even be more interesting...

ANYWAY, as I was saying I managed to miss out on loads of work by just going away for a weekend, which unfortunately is how it goes sometimes so I didnt have much in the mag.

Firstly, then.

In the My Tunes section we had Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce which came with one of my photos from earlier on in the year...



Which was obviously a nice surprise that obviously helped ease the wounds of not having any lives in the mag.

Secondly we had The Firing Line and it was Fearless Vampire Killers turn to face it.



It was a lovely time, and after everything was said and done me and Kier drank a lot of fall over juice and propably talked about Every Time I Die until daft o'clock at night. LADS LADS LADS LADS.

However, one of my favourite photos weren't used, so it made its own way on to the instagrams..


I mean who doesn't like pub cats?

Last, but not least one of my photos of Twenty One Pilots got used in the poster special. It was photographed in the backroom of Brixton Electric, the first time I photographed them live.



That's it from this issue, told you it wasn't going to be exciting.

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Christmas is Coming...

26 October 15

Posted at 12:39

Christmas is coming at an alarming pace. Less than 2 months away! 

Between now and then, I will be doing custom print orders. So, if yourself or loved ones like a band or have a special memory from a certain gig; let me know. I could well have photographed them in the last couple of years.

My print size of choice is 18" x 12" printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre, however if you'd like a different size or finish we can sort that out.

All prints are profesionally printed within the UK, by a company I have been using for the last year and I have never had a problem with.

For 18" x 12" prices are £45 including UK postage and packaging (get in touch for international rates), but as I have said if you would like bigger (always go bigger, they look great 30" x 20") or smaller (boo) let me know and we can sort out a price that works great for everyone involved. 

You can check my site www.BENGIBSONPHOTO.com, this blog for recent images, my instagram or just drop me an email on i-take-photos@live.co.uk to enquire about bands, events or even size/prices.






Rock Sound - October 2015 - Issue 205

12 October 15

Posted at 3:22

Again, I managed to leave this until the last moment before I managed to get around to this, but here we are again!

It seems an awfully long time since I took the photos for this issue, but there we go.

Me and Carla went to Reading Festival to cover the festival for Rock Sound. The coverage online was incredible as ever; even if I do says so myself. Have a butchers here.

It was my first time solely shooting mainstage, so I got to wear the fetching black high vis.


It was ace to see Alexisonfire back, I had my reservations but they disappeared within seconds. It was also great to see Kendrick Lamar for the first time. They were my 2 highlights in case you were wondering...

One of my photos from Cody, Set It Off's cover got used for the My Tunes feature where a lot of jazz hands get mentioned..


This month Attila faced The Firing Line, a whole 14 minutes had to be cut from the interview... cos Attila.

There was a lot of Capri Sun in that room as well, a tad weird, but ultimately tasty.


It was good to see one of my favourite photos of the year get given the spread I thought it deserved from Download Festival in the Warped Tour UK preview.


Last but not least, I got sent a long to the album release show of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at The Borderline. It was a bit of carnage, so much so I managed to snap my flash gun, which obviously isn't ideal, but it is the first bit of equipment I have broke in 9 years of photographing some pretty silly shows. These things happen, ey.


As you can see, it was messy and you can view more photos here.

I apologies for the briefness of this months, but I am about to head out for a job and the new issue is due out very soon, so as ever if you want you can

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One year on...

27 September 15

Posted at 1:04


Well, I made it. This weekend marks the one year anniversary of me being freelance. Which is completely mental.

It's been an interesting year, going from basically working every hour under the sun for the 4 years previous in London to actually being able to put all my time in to my career. I've taken some amazing opportunities, Before this year I had never been to Germany, I've been 3 times this year with 3 different awesome clients, doing 3 very different jobs. I've been to Italy, which was my first job as a freelancer and basically kicked this whole thing off. So shout out the Frasers for inviting me out to shoot their wedding! I've shot so much rad shit for Rock Sound, that I don't even know where to start. Faith guitars, for trusting me with their artists and in November I have possibley the most barmy of any of my work coming out, which is simply mental. Being able to say 'yes' to basically every bit of work without the worry of trying to get time off from your 'day job' is great.

But, I have also missed out on some opportunities, something I personally try not to dwell on. However, sometimes it is impossible to get out of the mindset that you've made a decision to do something which then leads to missing out on greater opportunities. This is one of the things I am looking to improve on over the next year. Not the missing out on work bit (that's always going to happen), more the way I react to it.

Obviously, this is supposed to be a positive blog, however I feel a couple of things can't be skimmed over. Being freelance is great, when work is coming in. But at least once every couple of months you will wake up and you will worry about cash flow, whether you can afford to do things as simple as paying rent and/or paying your phone bill. But, then you realise you have X work coming in, in a couple of weeks and you realise your job is rad and maybe for a couple of weeks you can't go to the pub or eat out but it will all be worth it in the end.

Over, the last year I have had the opportunity to work with or be in the presence of a lot of photographers, some great and some that genuinely wonder how they can present themselves in such a way and if they could get away with that if they worked in an office or a store? However, As I have said, this is a positive blog. So big up, the likes of Jordan Green, Carla Mundy, Marcus Maschwitz, Derek Bremner (yes, I know theres more of you, don't get your knickers in a twist, if I was to list all of you the blog would just be a list of my mates), all people I get to chat absolute shit to on a regular.

Basically, what I am trying to say...

I've had a lovely year, met some great people who I can now call mates, I've had the opportunity to do some absolutely mental things with some people I would never have imagined working with and basically thank you to everyone who has been involved, you're all ace and thanks for letting me do what I do and being able to call it a job..

.. and if you're thinking about doing it yourself, remember just because it worked for others, doen't mean it's going to work for you...

Here's to the next year and being able to look back upon all the sick things I have done in the second year of being fulltime freelance!




Rock Sound - September 2015 // Issue 204

06 September 15

Posted at 2:13

With a couple of weeks left to pick up a copy of the mag, I am more on top of this than I usually am which is ace. As I said in the last blog, I had a really busy month with Rock Sound, which took me as far as Scotland and Reading (yes, Reading isn't that far.. but, whatever) Anyway, I had fun and I think it is my favourite issue containing my work so far.

I got to spend time with Enter Shikari and their crew for a long weekend which was really a lot of fun. Top guys, both crew and band. They genuinely couldn't have been more accomadating.


Which then went on for a lovely 4 page feature, packed full of the photos from the weekend.




The 3 dates we joined them on were their headline set in Bristol, Nass festival and then all the way up to T in the park, 3 completely different vibes, all completely great. It's genuinely a great piece written by Gav and a real insight in to one of the hardest working bands on the scene right now. I'd go out and buy the mag just for this piece alone, maybe I am biased. Maybe? But I am definitely right. Thanks again to the crew and band for just being great and looking after us better than we could have imagined.

Rad band is rad. Ace crew is ace.


We had the Sheffield noise makers While She Sleeps up against the Firing Line this month, which was a whole lot of fun, even if they can't cart wheel...



I got sent a long to photograph those Nu-Metal legends Korn playing an anniversary show of some kind at Brixton. Last time I photographed Korn, it was at Download a few years ago, and my camera decided to break. I called my Mum, as an adult, I called my Mum... She couldn't help, suprisingly.

I obviously hoped for a better outcome this time around. I decided to take my 80-200mm lens along with me (I had never used it in a non-arena/festival setting). But Brixton sometimes set their stage up well far back. In the end I am thankful I did take it. It was definitely good to me.



As you can see from the main image, the lighting was all a bit Kanye (Kanye West at Glasto..) a bit hot from the top, which was a bit of a pain in the arse, but worked out quite well in the end.

You can view a gallery HERE


As I mentioned before my month also took in a lovely trip to Reading, I think it was the first time I had ever been to Reading for a reason other than for the festival. I learnt / figured out a couple of things, to travel to Reading at peak times is £40 return, if you choose to live in Reading and commute to London for your 9-5. Thats £200 a week, £800 a month, nearly £10k a year... to live in Reading...

Anyway, enough about commuting and what not. I bet y'all are excited to find out who I went to see in Reading...

It was those ska legends, Less Than Jake, and it was super fun, I didn't know I knew so many LTJ songs, and it's safe to say. I had a lovely time.



AND I finally got a jump shot as the main spread, which I don't think has ever happened to me before. Good stuff all around!


As ever,

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In next month we tackle all the fun from Reading Festival, but if you can't wait that long. You can head to the Rock Sound website and check out all the galleries and words from the live coverage.. HERE





Rock Sound - Summer // Issue 203

19 August 15

Posted at 3:45

Firstly, i know I am really far behind. That far behind the newest issue came out today. But if you pick that issue up, you'll understand. Hint, I've been really busy and it's been great.

Anyway, I will keep this brief. You can still order the magazine that this blog is going to be about, from here. I suggest you do. You don't want some kind of Neck Deep hole in your collection now, do you?


Let's begin. Me and  Carla got sent to Download festival, which was ace. We rarely get to work together so when we do, everything is lovely. We knocked out some top drawer coverage both  online and in mag.



Also, if you need a photographer around Nottingham, give Carla a shout, she is great and has an Irn Bru addiction.


It was Twin Atlantic's turn to face the 'Firing Line' just before their big ol' headliner at Brixton.



I also got to spend some time with the lovely Northlane lads down on the river, which would have been great if it wasn't for all the wind in the world.

I had the boy wonder  Jordan Green assisting me, who is without a doubt one of the best photographers around at the moment and a complete LAD, which was ace.



Last, but not least one of the studio shots I shot with Sydney Sierota of Echosmith in Munich was used in the 'My Tunes' feature



Normal play will resume, shortly as for once I actually have the newest mag in my hand on release day, so I have no excuses...


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So until then, pick up a copy of this mag, or even a copy of the new mag, it's a good one. Well worth it.

Oh, and have a butchers at  Jordan and Carla's work online. You wont be dissapointed.


Rock Sound - July // August Issue 202

17 July 15

Posted at 5:35

It's that time of the month again..

I had a fairly busy month, I was away for a couple of weeks with the Brawlers mob, then when I got back I got straight in to it. This issue includes photos of mine from Asking Alexandria, As It Is, Slamdunk Festival and 5 Seconds of Summer. As well as shooting AC/DC for online which is rad, because ACCA DACCA.


First things first, Asking Alexandria.. What should have been a live feature for the mag went up in smokes when the new singer had Visa issues, however the good folk in AA decided they were going to come anyway and do a meet and greet for all their fans, which is rad. Theres a gallery from the meet and greet, here. Then however the call came in that we needed some shots of the guys for a feature that was going to run. We shot it after the 5 hour M&G at just after midnight, fortunately as I'd been there for the duration of the M&G I had worked out the shots and lighting. So we were actually able to smash it out in under 5 minutes with only 30 frames taken. The piece ended up being a 4 pager and I'm pretty in to it.



What else happened....?

Oh, this months Firing Line. This month it was As It Is, who were super nice. We shot it on the hottest day, ever. (it probably wasn't, but it was hot). Just before I had to Uber (he didn't even put the AC on..) it to the other side of town for a huge shoot, which will be announced next month, probably...



Slamdunk, also happened. It was my 3rd time photographing it for Rock Sound, and we went in hard, busy day was busy for everyone involved. You can view our rolling news and photos, here. It's always rad to be part of a team who is that determined to work that hard and that rapidly in order to have the most comprehensive and best coverage. I photographed the Hatfield date, and we have Justine up in Leeds for the Northern date, anyway look at the link and look in the mag.



Also, this was there. Which was pretty cool. So obviously being the moron that I am, I dropped and locked...



5 Seconds of Summer was also something that happened this month, I got sent to Birmingham for the first time ever. I wanted a Nandos but the queue was way too long for a solo trip, so I had a Greggs and a 5 Guys, because I am a hungry human. The Greggs was cold however, then I got lost in the Bull Ring, it wasn't fun, not at all. I did however get to hang out with Louis and Lee, which was rad. Louis is the cutest dog and Lee being a great photographer, who I don't get to have a beer with enough, boo hoo.



Birmingham is rad. Get to hang out with @leeallenphotos and finally meet Louis. #bengibsonphoto #dawg #birmingham #louis

A photo posted by Ben Gibson (@bengibsonphoto) on


Anyway, back to the photos. 5SOS had fairly small production, with a run way, which they annoying didn't utilise within the first 3 songs. But hey, what can you do!

You can view the online gallery, here.



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